Large industrial plant RWA-3000 delivered

LÖMI has delivered another 3,000 liter industrial plant into the chemical industry. The system was specifically customized to the customer’s requirements.

Normally, a LÖMI Solvent Recovery System is used to reprocess one single solvent from a mixture containing this solvent and one or more solid material impurities. The solvent is distilled, the residues are then removed from the system as waste.

For this customer, we adapted our system so that he can use it to actually make his product: ethanol and water are mixed with several solid ingredients and subsequently heated and stirred in the LÖMI system. We also installed a pre-separator which enables the system to distill the ethanol in a first step and the water afterwards. The remaining solid mass is our customer’s actual product, which is then removed from our system and processed further. Thanks to our design engineering and production team, part of which you see in the photo – great work!